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Giuseppe Armani Figurine
The Sorrow 1325-C

Giuseppe Armani
The Sovereign 2171-S

by Giuseppe Armani

Giuseppe Armani Figurine
The Cheaters 280-C

Giuseppe Armani Figurine
The Crucifixion 780-C

Giuseppe Armani Figurine
The Assumption 697-C

Giuseppe Armani - Mahogany

Giuseppe Armani Figurine
Firebird 1443-C

Giuseppe Armani Figurine
True Love 459-C

Armani Florence
"Georgia" Figurine 17"

Giuseppe Armani 2002 Figurine
of The Year Joy
1527C Limited Edition



Cruella DeVil
Disneyana Convention


Giuseppe Armani
Walt Disney Cinderella
Fairy Godmother
1421c Limited Edition

Giuseppe Armani 1996 Disney "Jasmine" 410-c Italy

Mickey Apprentice Sorcerer

Giuseppe Armani-Disney Showcase Figurine Mickey Mouse Doctor 1470-C

Giuseppe Armani-Disney-Snow White Figurine Snow
White and the Little Animals


Giuseppe Armani Figurine
Belle 1767-C

Product Details

Giuseppe Armani-Disney Showcase-Snow White Figurine Grumpy 917-C

Giuseppe Armani-Disney
Showcase-Snow White
Figurine Sneezy 914-C

"Giuseppe Armani-Disney
Showcase-Sleeping Beauty
Figurine Sleeping Beauty, Brier
Rose 106-C"



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