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Recommended by Jan Williams

I have found the following books on Antiques and Collectibles to be an excellent source for current market trends and value:

Antique Trader's Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide, Kyle Husfloen, Editor. Published by Antique Trader Books. Over 1,500 photos and 900 pages of information. The condensed yet descriptive text preceding the prices in each category is particularly well-researched. Excellent photos. Many factory marks.

Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price List, Ralph and Terry Kovel. Published by Three Rivers Press. An "appraiser approved" price guide with over 500 photos. Also includes hundreds of factory marks and logos. Fully indexed and cross-referenced. The Kovels are hot sellers and well known as experts in collecting. They have written a number of popular, informative books.

Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide, Sharon Huxford and Bob Huxford, editors. Published by Collector Books. Many people find Schroeder's one of the easiest reference guides to use. Every category places much emphasis on subcategories and includes a great deal of history and information. Prices are easy to find and the listings are easy to scan. There are many excellent photos.

Warman's Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide, Ellen Schroy, Editor. Published by Krause Publications. Provides continually updated, highly responsible pricing information and relies upon an outstanding and expert board of advisors. Particularly helpful are the references given under most categories, as well as special auction information and reproduction alerts.

Harry L. Rinker: The Official Price Guide to Collectibles, Harry L. Rinker. Published by House of Collectibles. Expert and critic Harry L. Rinker is one of the worlds most widely read columnists on collectibles. Rinker's outspoken opinions and love of collectibles of all kinds makes him a popular author. Rinker's experience in writing for Warman's and his dedication to responsible pricing shows through on every page. There are also a number of outstanding photos, hints, tips, and warnings.

Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual: Cashing in on Today's Lucrative Collectibles Market, Sharon Huxford, Editor. Published by Collector Books. In addition to being a comprehensive price guide to hundreds of collectibles, the Garage Sale & Flea Market Annual often offers information on collectibles you might not find elsewhere. Check here for the tried-and-true as well as items that hold the promise of becoming trendy.

Also recommended...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buying and Selling Collectibles, Laurie E. Rozakis, Ph.D. Published by Alpha Books. A newbie must-have, but many collectors and dealers who are far from novice and certainly not "idiots" have found this to be an outstanding reference book. All the basics of collectibles are here, and the text is as entertaining as it is informative. Well researched and responsibly written.

Maloney's Antiques & Collectibles Resource Directory, David J. Maloney, Jr. Published by Antique Trader Books. Considered by many as being the Who's Who of the collectibles world. Includes collectors, dealers, appraisers, experts, clubs, and museums in virtually all categories. A wealth of information.

eBay For Dummies, by Marsha Collier, Roland Woerner, Stephanie Becker. Be sure to look for the latest edition of this fine book. Itís an outstanding guide to eBay, and a fun read. Even those with eBay experience will learn something.

Baseball Cards
Beanie Babies
Brass & Copper
Collector Plates
Dale Earnhardt
Dept. 56

Kitchen Collectibles
Nippon China
Precious Moments
Royal Doulton


Spicy Antiques Add Flavor
Beer Collectibles
Moon Walk 30th Anniversary
George Washington
Remembering Amelia
First Aviators of Golden-Age Comics
Flying Solo with Charles Lindbergh
G-8 Flies the Weird Skies
The Medals That Honor True Heroes
John Wayne, The War Years
Remembering Martin Luther King
Let's Twist Again!


A Brief History
What is Collectible?
Why People Love Collectibles
Major Collectibles Categories
Factors Influencing Value
Finding and Buying On eBay
Tips for Listing and Selling
Authentication & Grading
Displaying Your Collection
Caring for Your Collection
Insuring Your Collection