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Authentic Antique Printer Proof Artwork For Sale

Own a piece of history. Werthan Bag Co. original printer proofs (approximately 13,500+) dating from 1940 through 1970, used to print on burlap and white cotton fabric bags for packaging foodstuffs such as sugar, seeds, beans, meal and milled flour.

All proofs measure 18 x 24 inches and many contain signatures, dates and information on companies that ordered them (including Martha White Flour and Boiling Fork Mill).

In the summer of 2004, twenty of these original printer proofs were on display at the Nashville International Airport; an exhibit entitled "Werthan Bag: A Nashville Legacy" was open to the public on the Concourse Connector. The artwork was described by Tony Werthan, chairman of Werthan Packaging, Inc. (which today makes paper bags for the pet products industry) as "classic Americana." The printer proofs "depict an era that we won't see again, of family businesses and hundreds and hundreds of small companies," Werthan says.

Through featured articles in The City Paper and The Tennessean, thousands have purchased reproductions of these printer proofs; here's your chance to own the real thing.
These are a great investment for the serious art collector.

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