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I am asked many questions regarding collectibles, limited edition art work, what is popular, should I buy and several other things in the collectible industry that truthfully I just cannot answer. Here are some of the questions ...... the questions are asked in black, my opinion is in red (if I have one) and your opinions are in green. If you would like to list your collectible for sale, you can either do so on this web site or you may choose to list your collectible on ebay:

I cannot tell you the value of your Capodimonte piece. My only suggestion is that you look on eBay to see if there is a similar figurine and then you yourself can determine its value.


eBay 4 million reasons you'll find it here

Capodimonte: The relief style, highly colored and defined porcelain pieces are commonly called and identified in our current market place as Capo-di-Monte. It was King Ferdinand IV, son of King Charles who opened a factory in Naples in 1771 and began to use the mark of the blue crown N (BCN). When the factory closed in 1834, the Ginori family at Doccia near Florence, Italy, acquired what was left of the factory and continued using its mark. The factory continued until 1896 when it was then combined with Societa Ceramica Richard of Milan which continues today to manufacture fine porcelain pieces marked with a crest and wreaths under a blue crown with R Capodimonte. As more collectors recognize and appreciate the quality of the older ware, buyer demand drives prices higher. To learn more about Capodimonte...


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Subject: Capodimonte Tea Set

I was wondering if you could provide me with some information. I have recently acquired this stunning Capodimonte tea set. it includes 6 saucers and 6 tea cups, creamer and covered sugar. Cups are gold lined. Teapot is 7 inches without the lid. very ornate with lions on lids and Swan like heads on the ends of all handles and teapot. All pieces are in mint condition. It came complete in the lined box that closes and locks. There is no damage anywhere on the pieces. As you can see from the pix the marking is R.Capodimonte below a crest with E B on each side. I surely hope you can tell me something about these pieces. Charles Town, WV

Unfortunately I could not find entire tea sets in the books. At best I could find a cup and saucer current value $150 but really no description to speak of. I am showing your pictures so that others who may know something about this set can pass the information along. I do want you to view the factory marks. I also want you to view a vase which is made in the "capodimonte style" and currently sells for $24.95. At any rate, your set is very nice, but may only have been made in the last few years and valued at $75 - $100. I am afraid that these pieces might not be made in Italy at all, and chances are they could be made in "Asia". What makes your set very special is the gold lined should get a professional opionion.

You could contact Mr. James Highfield who specializes in Capo-di-monte to find out what he thinks...his address is 1601 Lincoln Way East, South Bend, IN 46613. And if you decide to get a professional opinion, we would like you to pass the information on to us.

View pictures - View Vase - View Capodimonte Style Coffee Set

Subject: Capodimonte Figurines

I have a figurine made in Italy of Little Red Riding Hood with a base that measures about 7.5 inches across and stands about 12 inches tall. The warranty tag says "This is to certify that the article countersigned by the accompanying certificate of origin belonging to PORCELLANE MARZIA collection of MENEGHETTI has been hand made according to the standards of the ancient school of CAPODIMONTE and the signature of the artist is a guarantee of the genuiness, origin and legality of this model." On the back of the base is a logo that looks like an N with a crown over and the words MADE IN ITALY below it and a name engraved into the base as well. Is this an item of value?

This item is not listed in the book, however, I believe that it is a valuable figurine due to its size and theme.

Subject: Capodimonte Bowl

I have a glazed porcelain bowl that belonged to my mother. On the bottom in gold is written Capodimonte Italy 716. It is a short bowl with cherubs and a lot of gold detail. My mother had it for years. Is it worth anything?

In the current catalog I have seen a "short bowl with cherubs" (now called a centerpiece a-hem) for $550.00. If you would like to view the bowl, please visit You can make a comparison - if your bowl is similar, larger, smaller, more ornate or less then you can be relatively close in your guesstimate as to the value of your bowl.

Subject: Capodimonte Lamps

I have come across two beautiful "Capodimonte" lamps. My problem is that the lamps say Italy in gold paint, but, there is no signature or stamp (that I can see). On the bottom there is a sticker with the Capodimonte emblem but that could have easily been placed there. The lamps are of Capodimonte style, they are tall, black, gold and white in color. There are oval scenes on each side of each lamp. On one side the scene is of three cherubs holding a wreath/garland (cameo style). On the other side is a scene of a woman sitting with a man bent over kissing her hand (cameo style). There are 4 cameo's of a mans head around the base of the lamp. Any idea if this is a true Capodimonte or of its value?

Though I do not know the value of your lamps, it does sound like they are true Capodimonte lamps. The term Capodimonte was originally a fine porcelain produced at a "castle on the mountain" overlooking Naples, the term currently describes a highly ornate style rather than an actual product. Frequently features flowers, fruits and courtly or native figures. View Sample Capodimonte Lamps

Hi, Found these two lamps with shades at my mother-in-laws.  Not sure if they are authentic Capodimontes since the marking is not in blue.  Nor have I found them on the internet.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Capodimonte is a style of painting that many factories in Italy used.  They are Capodimonte Lamps (Base) as the marking shows, but I do not know what factory nor the year.
Did you look at this page on eBay?  Your lamp is prettier than a lot of them going for $500 - $1000. Samples of Capodimonte Lamp s on eBay


Subject: Capodimonte vase

I would like to have information on the age and value of a Capodimonte vase I purchased. This vase is approximately 14" high, is about 8" across the top and narrows to a pedestal and then flares out at the bottom. It has two handles at the narrow end right before the pedestal. The upper part of the vase is covered with human figures and I'm not sure if they are cherubs or half man half beast. There are trees, buildings, plants and the bottom has what looks like angel heads with wings. The trademark is a crown with the R. Capodimonte underneath plus the initials G on one side of the crown and B on the other. There is also Italy and 1535/371 in gold. Thank you for your help.

Is this a vase or is the top shaped more like a bowl? There are no vases in my current Armani catalog to compare prices, but there are decorative bowls on pedestals similar to your description, but definitely cherubs, not man and beast. If the vase is full color - meaning brilliantly luminous, full-color finish as opposed to the use of one color which allows the flesh tones of the figurine's exposed skin to be dominant, then I would think that your vase could be worth a minimum of $550.00. However, this is sight unseen and I could be picturing your vase entirely wrong - Are the cherubs painted on or are they actually figurines that are dimensional? My "ball park estimate" is for actual figures and not just painted on figures. I have scanned some of the decorative bowls onto my web site so that you can compare the look and the prices. You may view the bowls at

Subject: Capodimonte Water Fountain

I recently bought was I was told was a Capodimonte water fountain. There are 2 dolphins, and only one has a waterspout. It sits inside a ceramic/porcelain piece shell that is on top of a pedestal. My question is, I have never heard of a water fountain made by Capodimonte, but I hear the name and I jump. I see the N with the Crown on the pedestal, but no where else. How can I actually know if the item is truly a capodimonte? Is there any distinguishing marks to indicate an authentic capodimonte? Thank you for your help!

Your fountain does have the markings of Capodimonte - Blue N and crown. I do not see any fountains in my current book so I cannot give you an estimate of its value at this time. Remember, Capodimonte is a term that describes a style rather than a product. Sometimes there are numbers or edition numbers in the mold itself which could give more information.

Subject: Capomunte

I have 2 lamps - vaselike - in the capodimonte style. They are handed signed "CAPOMUNTE" 6212/ITALY. There is no trademark blue N/with crown. Do you know of capomunte and do you know what their value might be?

I have no information on Capomunte.

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