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I am asked many questions regarding collectibles, limited edition art work, what is popular, should I buy and several other things in the collectible industry that truthfully I just cannot answer. Here are some of the questions...... the questions are asked in blue, my opinion is in red (if I have one) and your opinions are in green. If you would like to list your collectible for sale, you can do so on this web site or you may choose to list your collectible on ebay:

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Occupied Japan Collectibles : Identification & Value Guide
by Gene Florence

Produced during the occupation of Japan by United States forces from the end of the Second World War in 1945 to the end of the occupation in 1952. The items have become coveted by a large number of collectors. They are identified by an import mark "Made in Occupied Japan" or "Occupied Japan". Thousands of ceramic figurines copying European styles; plastic, paper, and wooden household ornaments; dolls; lamps; vases and planters; etc. can be found with these marks.

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Subject: Dresden Porcelains

My wife and I finally cleaned out our attic and found two boxes with three porcelain figurines in perfect condition in them. One is a ballerina in a pink lace dress (all in porcelain about 6-7 inches tall. It is on a white base with gold trim accents. There is also a smaller 4-5 inches tall ballerina similar to the larger one. The third is a couple dancing also 4-5 inches tall. They are all in their original packages and from the boxes look like they were brought back from Germany. The bottom of the figurines say Germany and dresden and they all have a number that was created in the porcelain. They are incredibly detailed and look especially fragile but are currently in perfect shape. Can you tell us who we might contact to find out the value of our "attic find"

There is a Figurine, ballerina in pink/white dress with flowers, 7 inches listed in the book for $225. A smaller ballerina is not listed.

Subject: The Dubler Figures - Read About the Dubler Figures

I have three Dubler Hummels made during World War II in New York. Are these figures of any value?

It is hard to find a secondary price guide for these figures, however, I feel that these are good pieces to keep for a couple of reasons. 1. They are dated and are 50 plus years old. 2. There is a book written on Hummel Copycats by Lawrence L. Wonsch. Wonsch shows that the collecting of copycat M. I. Hummels can be fascinating and fun. The book is currently out of print.

Subject: Figurines

I'd like to inquire about the Spirit of America (Woman holding a flag) figurine purchased in 1976 for 225.00. It is in mint condition. What is its current value? Thank you very much for your time. I enjoy the site very much.

Figurines are usually listed in the price guides either by artist name or manufacturer. Do you know what company or artist produced this figurine?

Subject: Figurines

Years ago, probably 10 or more, I started collecting Blue Button Twins -designed by Roger Brown. I found these at our local Hallmark shop. They were distributed by House of Global Art. I have 4 of these figures. They are little girl figurines about 4-5" tall. I have searched for the artist and House of Global Art and come up blank. Do you have any information on these, where I could possibly get more to complete my collection, their value, etc. Thanks for your help.

I too come up blank - Perhaps you could contact: Hallmark Visitor Center, P. O. Box 419580, Mail Drop 132, Kansas City, MO 64141-6580 (816) 274-5672

I have 2 figurines, the first is a girl with a slate on the bottom is the a "V" with the words "W.Goebel & W. Germany" impressed in it is the numbers "367" and I believe "4". It also has the date 1963. The second figure was given to my father and since handed down to me it looks like a hummel with a boy standing by a well he has a pipe in hand, there is a water jug on the well. It is about 9" high and has imprinted on the back of the well the number 11511 along with what looks like a "C" with a line through it and "ed". It also has the word Germany. Any information would be great.

The first figurine is called Busy Student HUM 367. You have what is called trademark 4. The figurine is valued at $160 - $175. The second figurine is not a Hummel. Are there any markings on the bottom of the figurine?

Subject: Figurines

I have a figurine that a friend got for me while I was in Germany in 1952. It is a man and woman in 1700's dress. On the back is a crown with an N under it. Can you tell me anything about this?

Sounds like your figurine is a Capodimonte. May have been exported from Italy to Germany. The Capodimonte marking is a blue "N" and crown. The term Capodimonte was originally a fine porcelain produced at a "castle on the mountain" overlooking Naples, Italy. The term currently describes a highly ornate style rather than an actual product. Frequently features flowers, fruits and courtly or native figures.

Subject: Josef Originals

I have several Josef Original figurines and I was wondering if you could provide me with information on these, ie is there a collectiblies book that lists their value? If so, where could I find the catalog?

There are 21 Josef Original Figurines listed in Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide.

Subject: Geo. Zoltan Lefton Company (Lefton)

I have 4 figurines that an aunt gave me 20 years ago. She had had them many years before that, but no longer remembers anything about them. They are about 4" tall are are all young girls in beautiful dresses, some with small birds or flowers. The marking on the bottom of one is a gold crown saying Lefton China Hand painted. It has the number KW3757. There is also a Japan sticker on it. Any idea of a value?

Per Schroeder's Antique Price Guide, Lefton China is one of the most desirable, most sought-after collectibles in the market place today. As with any collectible or antique, prices vary depending on location, condition and availability. For the history of Lefton China, Books I and II - Collector's Encyclopedia of Lefton China, Identification and value, by Loretta DeLozier you may send her an email at Price list is available for each pattern or series.

Subject: Occupied Japan

We found a figure of a boy (5in tall) with a cloth bag on a stick over his shoulder, he has a dog at his feet and there is a sign that says "To Town" on his left. The signature on the bottom is Wanderlust with the number K8577. Any info??? Also A small girl 4in tall with blue shirt and red skirt with small dog beside her. "Made in Occupied Japan" in blue ink on bottom.

I do not have anything specific on your figurines - but in general...Items marked "Occupied Japan" have become popular collectibles in the last few years. They were produced during the period from the end of World War II until April 18, 1952 when the occupation ended. Values vary considerably based on the quality of workmanship. Generally bisque figurines command much higher prices than porcelain, since they are usually of higher quality. The book has listed, Figurine, Hummel type, boy with begging dog. 5 inches $40.00.

Subject: Royal Doulton

I have a Royal Doulton, Leading Lady, HN2269 Copr. 1964 with four sets of #s on the bottom, the last being 565/64. Can you help me with the value?

This particular figurine is not listed in the book. It is probably in the neighborhood of $245.00 - This is based on a figurine of lady called Winsome HN2220.

Subject: Norman Rockwell

I have a Norman Rockwell figurine of what looks like two women (one is possibly a teacher) and a little boy. On the bottom it has NR-227 9/14/35 and the copy write symbol with 1984 C.P.C. I was wondering what this figurine would be worth and if it has a name.

I did find #NR-227 "First Day of School" issued for $35.00 in 1984 and has a secondary market quote of $35.00. It was listed under Dave Grossman Creations, Norman Rockwell Collection-Miniatures - Rockwell Inspired. I think this is the same figurine...


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