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For years now I have been trying to get info on this piece. I don't know much about it accept it is an Ispanky piece. please help. I would appreciate any info. I don't even know the name of the piece. thanx in advance

We need help in identifying this figurine by Ispanky

Does anyone know the name?

It looks to me that this may be Madonna The Blessed Saint Decorated (as opposed to white finish) If so, it issued for $295 and has a secondary market value of $350. It was a limited edition of 500 - Remember, this is just a guess as to its identity.

Subject: Ispanky Figurine - Betsy Ross

I bought this Ispanky figure at a local auction a few weeks ago. It cost me $65.00. Any idea when this Betsy Ross figure was made? Any idea of current collector value? Figure is # 75 of 350, and is 12 inches tall. THANK YOU, Louis

Good purchase Louis! The figurine, Betsy Ross, issued in 1971 for $750 and has a current market value of $1325.00.

Subject: Ispanky Figurine Applause

limited edition "applause" purchased early 1980's . signed by the artist.. never been out of the box. any idea of its value today? any information would be of great value..

There is no information on this figurine.

Subject: Ispanky Figurine Camelot

I inherited a figurine in 1984 by L. Ispanky. It is called "Camelot" and is 31/100. King Arthur is holding Queen Guenevere and they are on his horse. The figurine is large, beautiful, and in perfect condition. Could you tell me anything about it? I find information about many Ispanky pieces, but not this one. Thank you.

Unfortunately the book does not list the figurine Camelot. From the description and edition size I would think the figurine would be worth around $1800.

Subject: Ispanky Figurine - Cleopatra and King Solomon

This area is new to me so I need to know in what currency you refer when stating prices. Also, from your website, you had a question about a figurine called Cleopatra, however, you say you could not provide because it was not listed. We definitely have a Cleopatra (22 of 450) so what could possibly be the reason for not being listed. Also, there is the question of King Solomon. I understand that only 100 exist and my mother has number 47 of 100. Could you provide us with some information on the value of this piece. There is the likelihood that the pieces will be sold and I would like some information as to how this best might be done.

Currency is in United States Dollars. I do not know why Cleopatra is not listed in the book except to say that perhaps the author does not have any information on Cleopatra. Secondary market prices are determined from sales reported by dealers and if none were reported there would be no information. Also I noticed that all the participating dealers are located in the United States and it is possible that the figurines you refer to were mainly sold in another country.

King Solomon is not listed in the price guide either.

We have free classifieds available on this web site and also recommend the free classifieds at EPAGE as a place to sell your collectibles.

Subject: Ispanky Figurine - Creation

The figurine Creation is not listed in the price guide.

Subject: Ispanky Figurine

I just inherited an Ispanky figure. I do not know the name, I thought it was Moses, but the more I read the questions asked on the board, I realized it is not Moses. It is all white, looks like Moses with a cape and outstretched arms and fingers. It is a limited edition of 130 of 500. Can you help with a name? Value? Site that I can find out more about this? I have been searching high and low. Thank you.

The book only list names of the figurines, there are no pictures so I will not be able to identify your figurine. It would be nice if people who own Ispanky Figurines and know the name of them, would send me a picture so that others could identify their figurine.

Subject: Ispanky Lazlo - Prudence and Daisy

Could you tell me what Prudence with roses and Daisy the Garden Nymph are worth please?

Prudence is not listed in the book. Daisy issued in 1977 for $325 and has a secondary market price of $575. Limited edition of 1000 pieces.

Subject: Ispanky Lazlo - Spring Fever

We would like to know the approximate value of the above - she is about 14 inches high, baby blue dress dancing figurine with white scarf blowing in the wind.

Spring Fever was issued in 1975 for $650 - Current Market Trend is $1050.00 - Edition limited to 600 pieces.

Subject: Memories by Ispanky

The issue price of the 12-1/2 inch figurine called, "Memories" by Ispanky was $600. It is an individually numbered edition of 500. Could you tell me the current value?

Memories - Current Market Trend is $900.00

Subject: Laslo Ispanky Figurines

I have the following six figurines by Lazslo Ispanky and would very much like to know the value so that I can add a rider to my home insurance to cover them. ANNABEL LEE No. 171 of 500 - BALLERINA No. One of 500 - EVENING No. 94 of 300 - SWANILDA No. 213 of 1000 - SUSIE No. 2005 - PERFECTION No. 71 of 500. The information would be appreciated. From Sunny Florida Ralph

Annabel Lee iIssued in 1972 for $750 - Current Market Trend is $750

Ballerina issued in 1968 for $350 - Current Market Trend is $1000.00

Evening issued in 1970 for $375 - Current Market Trend is $650.00

Swanilda issued in 1976 for $285.00 - Current Market Trend is $800.00

Susie is not listed in the book nor are edition numbers that high

Perfection is not listed in the book

Subject: Lazlo Ispanky Limited Edition Easter Egg 1980

I have a Lazlo Ispanky First Annual Easter Egg Limited Edition 1980 figurine. It is still in the original box. On the underside of the egg it says GOEBEL of North America, Goebel, Made in USA, 1978, by Lazlo Ispanky, Limited Edition, No 349 of 5000. There is a large letter V with a small figure inside the V. Inside the lid of the box it says Sir Lazlo Ispanky, Hummelwerk.

Unfortunately there are no eggs listed under L. Ispanky or Goebel in the book.

I have a First limited Edition Plate - "The Twelve Tribes of Israel" by Ispanky put out in 1978 by Goebel in the origingal box. Would like to know the range of value.

Unfortunately the only mention I find of this plate is in a book that was published in 1996. From the Series "Old Testament" The Twelve Tribes of Israel was issued in 1978, edition 10,000 for $125.00 - that is also its current market trend. According to the book, all three plates in the series are still valued at their issue price. However, I recently found a web site listing The Twelve Tribes of Israel at $195.

Having tried numerous times, I cannot find out the value (if any) of my Lenox vase by Lazlo Ispanky. It is cream, gold trim, numbered limited series. It is called the Romeo and Juliet vase. Would you please let me know what your thoughts are on this? Thank you.

Unfortunately I could not find any information on this vase. Please send an email to Lenox Classics and if you get any information from them, please let us know. The email address is (

Subject: Ispanky Figurine

I have just acquired an Ispanky figurine and need assistance with identification and value. She is a full figure & is 11" tall, wearing a full length green dress and carrying a basket of roses on her right arm. She is offering a pink rose with her outstretched left hand. She is wearing a floppy brimmed cap and she has long ringlets. She looks like a country girl. This figurine is bottom marked with a red stamp (Buffalo and an Indian on a horse) with Ispanky's name in script, also indicated the Limited Edition no. 64 of 400.. It has an ink signature L. Ispanky. Ispanky is also impressed into the figurine on the bottom of the skirt. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

Unfortunately the book only list names - no descriptions and no pictures. Can anyone help us identify this piece? (07-02-00)

I just received a gift of an Ispanky Porcelain that I believe is called Rosh Hashanah (a biblical person holding a shofar). I would like to know how much insurance to take on it. It has been in our family for a long time, and is very meaningful to me.

Rosh Hashanah with the white beard is $1300.00 - with the gray beard $10,000 (only 2 were made).

Hi, would you happen to know an approx. market value for Ispanky's "The Prophet". I am especially interested in number 1 of 50. The first 5 were gold leafed. If you can help I would appreciate it.

The Prophet is not listed in the book.

Can you assist in determining value for Laszlo Ispanky Moses limited to 400. Found a seller who is asking BIG, BIG bucks. I'm interested in purchasing but I don't know current value.

Moses has a current book value of $1800. Moses was issued in 1967 for $400.00

Subject: Ispanky Figurines

My mother bought me a number of Ispanky figurines as an 'investment' when I was little. Looking through your FAQs I've found the current book value for two already provided. Do you happen to have the value of these? Pioneer Woman; King Arthur; Love; Heidi; Elizabeth; Drummer Boy; and Girl Sitting.

Pioneer Woman - two different styles issued in 1967. Decorated $350 current market $550 limited edition of 200, the white one issued for $225 and has a current value of $350 limited edition of 150; King Arthur - see next inquiry, Love - issued in 1967 for $375 current value $950 edition of 300; Heidi and Elizabeth - are not listed in book; Drummer Boy Decorated issued for $250 current value $285, Drummer Boy White issued for $150 and has a current market value of $185. Drummer Boy issued in 1967 the decorated one had a limited-edition of 200 and the white one a limited edition of 600; Girl Sitting not listed.

I have another philosophy question. While I think these are very pretty and enjoyable to look at, what is 'valuable' about them? I don't understand particularly why something like this gains in value when there are 'copies' out there. I'm trying to appreciate what I may have, but don't seem to be seeing it properly. thanks EJ

What determines value is very simple - "Supply and Demand". The authors of books that quote secondary market activity have consulted or used a panel of professionals who interview secondary market dealers. There has to be true documentation that an item was sold at the prices that are quoted in their books. Copies usually do not gain in value because they are often massed produced in Asia and are less expensive. You can decorate your home with copies and it can look very nice and sometimes even better than some originals, however, it is just a look - not an investment.

Subject: Ispanky - King Arthur

Please help me. Someone I know owns a Limited Edition King Arthur statue, one of 500 made. They purchased it in I believe 1973 for the price of $500. I really would like to know its book value today. I have been searching and searching.. please help me!

King Arthur issued in 1967 for $300. Limited Edition of 500. Current Market trend is $750.00.

Subject: Ispanky Figurines

I found a dealer which has a lovely large porcelain statue of 2 otters (almost a true scale size) and the display said it was called "Mr and Mrs. Otter". Don't know if it's their name they made up or actual statue name. They said the artist was Ispanky. Could they have mistaken the name and is it an Ispanky? If you know artist and an approx. price as well, would you please let me know?

Mr. & Mrs. Otter is a limited-edition of 500 Ispanky Figurine. It issued in 1971 for $250 and now has a secondary market value of $600.00.

Subject: Ispanky Figurines

I would appreciate information about a Laszlo Ispanky Porcelain Figurine called "Christina". I have Number 291 of a limited edition of 300. Any information you have about her would certainly be appreciated.

There is an Ispanky figurine, "Christine", listed in the book. It issued for $350 in 1971 and has a secondary market price of $800.

Subject: Ispanky Figurines

Can you advise re: value of five limited edition Ispanky porcelain figurines? They are: Morning, Queen of Spring, Secret, Artist Girl and (I think the name is...Repose - a bust of a young woman). Thanks for your help.

Morning issued for $300 in 1967 - secondary price $1500; Queen of Spring issued for $750 in 1968 - secondary price $1200; Secret is not listed; Artist Girl issued for $200 in 1967 - secondary price $1800.

Subject: Ispanky Figurines

Listed are a few figurines I would like to know an estimated value on. They are all prior to his joining Goebel. I have been thinking of selling them but cannot get a fair market value on them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Artist Girl, limited to 350, Maid of the Mist, limited to 300, Morning, limited to 300, Pegasus White, limited to 300, Dawn, limited to 300 and Evening, limited to 300. Thank you.

The Price Guide has the following information: 1967 Artist Girl, Limited to 500 Issued at $200 quote $1800; 1973 Maid of the Mist, limited to 350 Issued at $450 quote $850; 1967 Morning, limited to 500 Issued at $300 quote $1500; 1968 Pegasus White, limited to 300 Issued at $300 quote $800; 1970 Dawn, limited to 300 Issued at $500 quote $1000 and 1970 Evening, limited to 300 Issued at $375 quote $650.

Subject: Ispanky Figurines

I have just come into possession of a few statues and I was just curious if they had any value. I probably would not be interested in selling them as my wife really likes them we were just curious if they had any value. The pieces are as follows....1) Antony---by Laszlo Ispanky # 96 of 450 signed and is Copyrighted Goebel 1978 2) Promises to Keep------Irene Spencer #100 of 750 copyrighted Goebel 1979

1978 is the last year that any Ispanky figurines are listed in the price guide. There are seven figurines listed and unfortunately Antony is not among them. I cannot find this figurine in the Goebel figurines either. I also cannot find a price guide for Irene Spencer figurines. If I do, I will let you know. It does appear that the 1978 Ispanky figurines have increased in value 30 - 45%, but that does not help much if you do not know the issue price.

Subject: Ispanky Figurines

I have just inherited a signed Ispanky "Piano Girl". Do you know what the present value is?

1976 Piano Girl is listed at $725

Subject: Ispanky Figurines

I presently own one of the LIMITED EDITION "Romance" (#416 of 500 copies). It is in mint condition and includes the COA signed by Laszlo Ispanky. I am interested in finding out if there is any market available for this very rare figurine, and if so, what its current value might be. Any info you have would be appreciated. Thank you!

1978 Romance is listed at $1200

Subject: Ispanky Figurines

We have a Laslo Ispanky figurine of what appears to be Cleopatra, number 21 of 450. We are interested in selling her but have no estimate of her value. If you have information on the value and desirability of this figure please send an email to

Cleopatra is not listed. There is a figurine called "Princess of the Nile" edition 500 at $450.

Subject: Ispanky Figurines

I have an Ispanky figurine (bust of Aaron, brother of Moses and first high priest of the 12 tribes of Israel). Additionally, a friend has the Ballerina figurine by the same artist. How can we find out what these are worth? Where or how is the best way to sell if it comes to that? Thank you for any help you can offer.

1973 Aaron is listed at $2400 - 1967 Ballerina is $1000 and Online Collectibles is a good way to sell your stuff...

Subject: Ispanky Figurines

I presently own the following Ispanky porcelains: Morning Romeo and Juliet, Love Autumn Wind, Artist Girl Abraham, Isaiah David and Moses (bust w/ tablets). I am interested in finding out if there is any market available for any or all of these pieces, and if so, what their current worth might be. Any info you have would be appreciated.

1971 Romeo and Juliet $950; 1969 Autumn Wind $1500; 1967 Artist Girl $1800; 1969 Isaiah $1100; 1971 David $600; 1967 Moses $1800; Please note, I do not have pictures, just a list. There is also a figurine called "Morning" 1967 at $1500.

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