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Nippon China

I am asked many questions regarding collectibles, limited edition art work, what is popular, should I buy and several other things in the collectible industry that truthfully I just cannot answer. Here are some of the questions......the questions are asked in blue, my opinion is in red (if I have one) and your opinions are in green. If your question cannot be answered...then we suggest you get a professional online appraisal.

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Note: We cannot answer the Nippon questions properly because of the large variety of items. You really should buy the book because it is full of pictures and you can then match up your item and get a better knowledge of its value. Because of the age of the Nippon marking it appears that all of the Nippon pieces have a great value.


Nippon China
Van Patten's ABC's of Collecting Nippon Porcelain: Identification and Values


Nippon China

Collectors Encyclopedia of Nippon Poreclain : Identification & Values by Joan F. Van Patten
6th Edition


Nippon China
Collectors Encyclopedia of Nippon Porcelain: Identification & Values

by Joan F. Van Patten
7th Edition


Specific Nippon Marks:

China E-OH
M in Wreath
Cherry Blossom
Double T Diamond in Circle
Rising Sun
Royal Kinran
Maple Leaf
Royal Nippon, Nishiki
Royal Moriye Nippon

Nippon generally refers to Japanese wares made during the period from 1891 to 1921, although the Nippon mark was also used to a limited extent on later wares accompanied by "Japan". Nippon, meaning Japan, identified the country of origin to comply with American importation restrictions. After 1921 "Japan" was the acceptable alternative. The term does not imply a specific type of product and may be found on items other than porcelain.

Subject Nippon China

About 25 years ago, I was given a Nippon china 'ice cream set' from my grandmother.  It has been packed away for all those years, and I've just gotten curious about it.  There are six 5" plates, six 6.5" plates, one 10" plate, six very small tea cups and a tea pot with lid.  The mark on the bottom is in green and says 'hand painted Nippon'.  The pattern is a light/medium blue rim around each item with a gold, greek key pattern at the very edge of each piece.  I haven't been able to find that pattern any where.  Can you help me identify it and let me know it's value?  Thanks so much. 

Again, we cannot answer these questions because there are thousands of Nippon China patterns. I can only suggest that you look for your pattern on eBay or on or buy Van Patten's book and hope to find your pattern in there.

Subject: Nippon Bowl

I have a bowl with a handle on each side, gold trim inside the rim, on the bottom is a mark in a circle and underneath the word appears to be Nippon. Is this indeed a piece of Nippon china. Thank you for your help.

There is a 7 1/2" bowl with handles listed in my antique guide for $225. I do not have a specific book for nippon china but we recommend the one listed on our web site. Van Patten's ABC's of Collecting Nippon Porcelain: Identification and Values

Subject: Nippon Tray

I have a 8 inch tray with a scene of pond with a barn on the other side of the pond. There is a tree on the left of the picture. On the back is a logo made of a circle of leaves with a M in the center. Outside of this circle are the words "Hand Painted Nippon". Can you tell me anything about it.

There is only one tray listed in the antique price guide and it is a wedgewood type. As I do not have a specific book for nippon china, we recommend the one listed on our web site. Van Patten's ABC's of Collecting Nippon Porcelain: Identification and Values

Your specific marking is the M in Wreath.

Subject: Nippon China

I have just acquired a vase that some one told me may be Nippon. It has no markings on it anywhere. The vase stands about 8-9" high, It stands on 4 little legs (Cobalt Blue) with gold lines . The bowl part of the vase is white going into a light yellow with pink scattered about it.. very rich in gold flowers. From the top of the bowl of the vase it goes into the cobalt blue again with gold painted on it. Has two scrolled handles in Cobalt blue with gold painted on them. Inside of the neck, Cobalt Blue going into white. If anyone has any info that could help me, I would appreciate it.

There are too many vase descriptions listed and without numbers and markings, I cannot pin-point the exact item sight unseen. Because there is not a number system available, an expert would either have to see the item or at least a picture of it. I recommend contacting Joan Van Patten, Box 102, Rexford, NY 12148. She is an author of Collector Books on Nippon. Ex. Van Patten's ABC's of Collecting Nippon Porcelain: Identification and Values

examples of similar (?) vases: Nippon Vase, florals & gold beading, handles, bottle neck 8 1/2 inches $325

Nippon Vase, gold overlay reserve & band on cobalt, small handles 8 1/2 inches $650


Note: It is very hard to guess-timate what your Nippon China is worth. I recommend buying the Van Patten's ABC's of Collecting Nippon Porcelain: Identification and Values and also checking the eBay auctions to see if you can find a similar item on eBay to compare it with your item. Then check how the bidding is going. eBay bidding is usually a low estimate, but even though your piece may have a higher value if it isn't of interest to the general population and you want to sell it, you may have a hard time getting its rightful price.

Van Patten's ABC's of Collecting Nippon Porcelain: Identification and Values

Joan Van Patten This book is the Nippon book for collectors and dealers. Nippon guru Joan Van Patten, author of a seven-volume series on Nippon porcelain as well as Nippon Dolls & Playthings, Celluloid Treasures of the Victorian Era, and two volumes of the Collector's Encyclopedia of Noritake, has produced the ultimate book on this popular Japanese porcelain. Historical information is included, as well as the different designs and techniques that were used. A variety of patterns, designs, decors, and various scenes are showcased. A big chapter on reproductions is also included, and hundreds of backstamps are shown. As the subtitle of the book suggests, this volume is arranged alphabetically by piece. As always, current collector values are provided for every item shown. Hundreds of photographs of vases, tea sets, candlesticks, trays, creamers, plates, urns, and many other types of dishes are featured. Joan Van Patten, co-founder and past president of the International Nippon Collector's Club, is a qualified, trustworthy source for every Nippon collector, and her books are always considered required reading.

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