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Teddy Bears: A History   by Samantha Forest

One of the most recognizable stuffed toys is a teddy bear. Teddy bears are considered classics, enduring, and popular for the purpose of comforting children. It is often a safe option for any small child. One might wonder how these irresistibly cuddly toys came about.

Although it feels like they have been around forever, they were only conceptualized in 1902. The 26th president of the United States, Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt went on a hunting trip in November 14, 1902 in Mississippi while settling a border dispute between Mississippi and Louisiana. During the hunt, Roosevelt and his group chanced upon a young bear. The men in Roosevelt's group suggested that he shoot the bear but he refused, saying it is unsportsmanlike.

The incident inspired Clifford Berryman to draw a political cartoon illustrating the event. Morris Michtom was inspired by the cartoon to make a stuffed toy bear and called it teddy bear. The teddy bear craze grew such that children and even societal ladies carried their teddy bears everywhere. President Roosevelt also used the teddy bear in his re-election bid and won.

In a few years, the teddy bear craze grew even more. Many companies started manufacturing different kinds of teddy bears. It also became a popular gift philippines item. The teddy bear spread throughout the world, to Europe, Australia, and Asia.

The fondness for teddy bears dissipated at the start of World War II. However, the teddy bear came back with the declaration of British actor Peter Bull of his love for teddy bears. Later on, Beverly Port, an American dollmaker, started teddy bear artistry. The toy is not just a toy anymore that can be used as a gift philippines but has grown to be an adult collectible and antique collection. Many old, manufactured teddy bears began showing up in antique doll and toy auctions and they began winning higher and higher bids. A bear named "Teddy Girl" by Steiff sold for a record of $176,000 at Christie's auction house in 1994.

These teddy bears will still be staples in any kid's room for a long time. It's not surprising with its gift of unconditional acceptance, love, and reassurance.

About the Author

Samantha Forest is an author from Houston Texas who writes articles that provides ideas on how people do their shopping for flowers and gifts. offering insights about the perfect kind of gift or flower for the perfect occasion.