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  Beagle Dog Statue

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Beagle Dog Statue 




Sandicast Original Beagle  
Sandicast Original Beagle Dog


Life Size BeagleProduct Features
  • Dimensions of Beagle Dog sculpture: 13"L x 8"W x 16"H
  • Hand-casting is a slow, methodical process that produces a piece free of flaws and bubbles.
  • Following casting, each SANDICAST sculpture must pass strict quality control before it can be painted. Artisans use both bristle and air brush methods of painting.
  • The final step is the insertion of specially crafted glass eyes. Glass eyes give more sparkle and many are custom made for SANDICAST.
  • Often people comment when looking at SANDICAST animals, "It feels as if they're staring right back at you!"

Sandicast Life Size Dog Statue

Artist Sandra Brue has a unique style and ability to capture the personality and inner spirit of each animal with unmatched realism.
Sandra studies and works with live models. She observes and bonds with her subjects at breeders, zoos, and in the wild.
Sandicast sculptures often take months to complete. Sandra's passion for perfection requires countless hours of painstaking attention to detail--her Jack Russell Terrier Original has 65,358 individually sculpted hairs!

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All Sandicast sculptures are suitable for outdoor use. Please note however, as with everything left to the elements, the longer the sculptures are exposed to either sunlight or to the extremes of temperature the faster they will fade.