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I am asked many questions regarding collectibles, limited edition art work, what is popular, should I buy and several other things in the collectible industry that truthfully I just cannot answer. Here are some of the questions......the questions are asked in blue, my opinion is in red (if I have one) and your opinions are in green. If your question cannot be answered...then we suggest you get a professional online appraisal.

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General Questions About Limited-Edition Collectibles

Before sending in a question, please look at the item - back or bottom and check if there are any markings that may identify the piece. Also, if it is a plate it should have the name of the plate, the name of the series, the name of the artist and the name of the manufacturer.

Subject: Copperware

We've been holding on to a collection of about 25-30 pieces of enameled copperware. These pieces range in size from about 3" diameter to 12", including coasters, bowls, ashtrays, and chargers. Some have designs in stained glass that have been fired during the enamelling process. Have been told the origin of these is California in the 1960's and 1970's. Some are unmarked pieces, and others have labels or engravings from Jade Snow Wong (including ceramic pieces), Maddux of CA, Calimage of CA, BUCK, Jules Perrier/Canada, Maggie Howe, Nikrassoff, PAT, R.L. Whyte, Farberware, R, and California Cloisonne' by Landau & Associates. Would appreciate any information to help us estimate their values.

Unfortunately we do not know any thing about copperware...but suggest: Mary Frank Gaston author of "Antique Brass and Copper".

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You may want to scroll the extensive antique copper listings on eBay to see if you can find similar items to what you have.



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