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I am asked many questions regarding collectibles, limited edition art work, what is popular, should I buy and several other things in the collectible industry that truthfully I just cannot answer. Here are some of the questions......the questions are asked in black, my opinion is in red (if I have one) and your opinions are in green. If you would like to list your collectible for sale, you can either do so on this web site or you may choose to list your collectible on ebay. If you would like information on a professional appraisal, click here.

eBay 4 million reasons you'll find it here

I recently found 25 Erich Stauffer Figurines on ebay. The prices are mostly $5 to $10 with a couple of them near $40.

Erich Stauffer


Erich Stauffer Figurines For Sale

Subject: Erich Stauffer

Hello, I have a figurine of a girl, apple in hand, and 2 ducks standing beside her. On the bottom of the figurine it states "designed by Erick Stauffer, 55/512. This looks old but is in excellent condition, except the head was apparently glued on after being broken off. Do you have any information about this figurine, when it was made, etc.

Unfortunately I still do not have much information on Erich Stauffer. He apparently signed the figurines in the 1940's which is a good indication of the age of the figures. It could have been during WWII when Germany could not export to the USA. The figurines were made in Japan and are Hummel Imitations. Arnartcreation, Japan

Note: If a head to a figurine is "glued" back on, the figurine basically has no value, unless it is sentimental to yourself.

Subject: Erich Stauffer

Hello! I have 2 figures that look like Hummels. They are signed by Erich Stauffer and numbered. Could you tell me about them and if they have any value? Thank you for your time.

For the time being we will call these figurines Erich Stauffer Figurines. I have never seen any information in any of the price guides regarding these figurines. I do not know who Erich Stauffer is, if he had his own company or was an artist for a company, such as Goebel etc. If and when I find out something, I will let you know.

Hello, I saw all your info on Erich Stauffer and thought I'd add another clue to pile. I have a Napkin Holder with figurine of a boy in a chef outfit with a red french scarf around his neck. His eyes are closed and his hands folded. A pineapple is next to him. The front says "napkins". The bottom says "Des g _ _ d" (2 letters cant be made out) by Erich Stauffer 55/723. Wish i could figure this one out!

Subject: Erich Stauffer

In searching for information on a figurine I just came across, I found reference to Erich Stauffer on your website, with questions from other people. My 4-5" figurine of a girl holding a clay pot of flowers standing by a fence also looks like a Hummel. On another site (Judy Posner website) I found a larger figure designed by Erich Stauffer for sale with a description saying that they were vintage period, designed to look like Hummels which were popular at the same time. Mine says Designed by Erich Stauffer and has a number 55/1541. There is a foil sticker which says Original Arnartcreation, Japan, and pictures a crown with large script A's on either side. I have another one of a boy holding a net with a white duck next to his feet. His hand is held up over his brow while he searches the sky (I assume for butterflies). There are no markings on this one. I found one other reference to Armark, Royal Crown on the web under Erich Stauffer, but Arnart seems to be the manufacturer mentioned the most. Wish I could provide more info. If you find out more, please pass it on!

There is a figurine of Banjo Boy selling in our classified section for $39.00. The Description: Vintage Figurine by Erich Stauffer - 6" tall, excellent condition, showing only some light crazing and a few very minor specs of paint wear. Marked underneath in blue ink "Designed by Erich Stauffer" and the crossed arrow mark. There is also a foil label "Original Arnart Creation, Japan". These lovely Japan pieces were made to resemble Hummel Figurines.

Subject: Erich Stauffer

Apparently I'm not the only person looking for info on Erich Stauffer. I thought it might be helpful for you to know that the figurine I have is of a nun and has it's original tag. The company name on this tag is Divinity Artware. From the looks of the tag design and yellowing, I'd say it's from the early 50's to early 60's. Also, along with the Erich Stauffer signature and number there is a mark of two crossed arrows with the points down and feathers up on the figurine base.

Subject: Erich Stauffer

I was just reading all of the listings on the Eric Stauffer figurines. I too have one. It is a little girl w/ a kerchief on her head tying her shoe. The piece says Designed by Erich Stauffer and is numbered U8248 86/7245. Any new info yet?

As of August 22, 2001 - no new information

Subject: Erich Stauffer

I have found two porcelain figurines that I would like to know something about if you can. One is a 14" boy holding a closed umbrella that says designed by Erich Stauffer. I saw another question similar to mine. It also has a sticker that says "original arnart creation, Japan". Do you know anything about this. And the second one doesn't have much information. It is about 5" tall and its an angel sitting on a tree bench reading a book, the only marking on the bottom is H1087. It has been around our home for about 30 or so years. Any help would be appreciated.

The additional info you have given us "original arnart creation, Japan" may help us in finding out more information.

Your site is the only place on the web I can find reference to Erich Stauffer figurines. I too have one and am curious as to its value, if any. If you have any information, please let me know.

We still cannot find information on these figurines. Could they be Hummel Kopy Kats?

Subject: Eric Stauffer

I have six figurines that look like Hummels that say designed by, Erich Stauffer they are signed and numbered. any value??

Erich Stauffer Figurines

Found on ebay 8/21/01
The description on ebay was:

PAIR OF ERICH STAUFFER 12" FIGURINES SIGNED Wonderful pair of tall figurines designed by Erich Stauffer. We are not sure of the manufacture, there is a blue crown mark - they could be English, German, or American. They are similar to Goebel Hummel figures and of the same quality of glaze and ceramic base. The boy is playing a violin and is titled Music Time. The girl has a watering can and flower in the other hand and is titled Planting Time. Both have the original labels intact. Est vintage is mid 20th century. Condition is excellent with no chips, cracks, repairs or damage. There is very light crazing on the boys flesh areas. They are 12" tall.

Erich Stauffer Figurines

The bidding was at $30 when I viewed the figurines, however, at that time the reserve price was not met. I do not know what they eventually sold for.

Information was gathered on 8/21/01

There are currently 12 Erich Stauffer Figurines up for bids on ebay auction. If you want to see them, or bid on them, click this link, then in the ebay search box type in Erich Stauffer.





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