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F. W. Goebel founded the F & W Goebel Company in 1871, located in Rodental, West Germany.

What is a Goebel? A Goebel is any item made by a company in Germany by the name of Goebel. There is so much confusion between hummels and Goebels. All hummels are Goebels, but very few Goebels are hummels. Hummel was an artist whose work Goebel copied in 3-D form and put her signature, M I Hummel, on each figurine. Hummel is NOT a factory or a company. Hummel has no marks, but bears the signature to identify itself. Hummels have the Goebel mark as do all the other Goebel items. Goebel also copied the work of dozens of other artists. Some of the more famous are Disney, Rockwell, Schaubach, Huldah, Harry Holt, Charlotte Byj, Nasha, and on and on. The figurines will almost always bear the signature of the artist. You will also find Goebel figurines bearing the signature of Goebel employee artists who reached the position of master sculptor. These include Unger, Frobek, and Schrobek. Not even the Goebel company knows how many different items were made since their inception in 1871, but serious collectors put the figure around 40,000.

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There is no established market for the 40,000 Goebel items and therefore no market values. There are a few exceptions such as the Charlot BYJ Redheads and Blonds, Friar Tucks, very little information on the Co-Boy Figurines and some secondary market prices for the Shakers. Generally though, you need to find a buyer and he is the one who will determine how much a piece is worth to him.

If you have any specific Goebel (not Hummels) questions, our expert and largest goebel figurine collector and buyer (he has over 4,500 Goebel pieces) will be happy to help you as much as he can. He cannot and will not give estimates of values so please do not email him requesting that kind of information. He is more than willing to pay what he consider's retail for any Goebel piece that he does not have. He has no interest in buying Hummels though. goebel1@gte.net

A relatively new first volume book on Goebel Figurines, "The Goebel Collector's Guide: Volume One by Werner Moderhack, Ray Wagner", is available. I have not seen the book and there are no customer reviews so far.


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