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I am asked many questions regarding collectibles, limited edition art work, what is popular, should I buy and several other things in the collectible industry that truthfully I just cannot answer. Here are some of the questions......the questions are asked in blue, my opinion is in red (if I have one) and your opinions are in green. If your question cannot be answered...then we suggest you get a professional online appraisal.


Goebel - Friar Tuck - MonksI wonder if you could tell me a little about this item I have acquired. It is a red monk by goebel with the marks underneath T74/0 and the V with a bee inside it. Also W.Germany. I have attached two pictures showing the monk and the underneath. I notice on your question and answer page the same item number "T74/0" but it refers to a brown monk. I am puzzled as this one is red.

Your help would be much appreciated and many thanks in anticipation of your response. Best regards Stephen

The red color refers to the Cardinal Tuck Pieces as opposed to the brown color which refers to the Friars - Monks. Unfortunately there is not much information to be found on these pieces. The Cardinal Tuck Mug is not listed in the book. There is a set of shakers listed which are $125 #P15, 2 inches tall with stylized bee marking. It appears that the red cardinals have a higher secondary market value than the brown monks. Unfortunately I do not know if these pieces have the same item numbers even though the colors were different.

Subject: Goebel

I am trying to find some information on Some Goebel pieces that my aunt has. She bought the pieces in Germany between 1968-1970 they contain the Goebel mark on the bottom. My aunt believes they are called the Friars or the Monks the pieces include 4 mugs, 1 cookie jar, salt/pepper shakers, toothpick holder, creamer and sugar bowl on a tray and a wine and vinegar decanter. We have looked all around for some information and cannot find them anywhere. Any help would be appreciated. The Friar Tuck Pieces (Brown Monk) - The cookie jar with the full bee has a current market price of $360, A Mug with the number T74/0 full bee has a market value of $35, Shakers with full bee $35.00 pair and Shakers with Bible $80.00 per pair. Oil and vinegar cruets, 3 line mark are $250 per pair. I do not know about the other pieces. The book lists a Condiment Set at $110.00.The Cardinal Tuck Pieces (Red Monk) - Shakers P153 stylized bee, 2 inches at $125.00, 4 inch Sugar bowl and 4 inch Pitcher with stylized bee at $135.00 each.

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You may find more information by contacting the following:The "Friar Tuck Collectors Club" specializes in Friar Tuck items. The annual convention is held in Dayton, Ohio in June, to coincide with the Miller's Hummel Festival. You can get more information on the club by e-mailing Ray Barry at or Bob Furman at Also:

GOEBELS by Matt a.k.a. "The Goebel King"

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matt and I have been collecting Goebels for over 22 years. I began with Hummels until I had collected every one that I would ever possibly be able to afford. I live in Florida which is one of the prime areas in the country to find antiques and older collectibles because of our older population of retirees from virtually every section of the US. I go "hunting" every weekend and it became quite boring as I could never find a Hummel that I needed, so I branched out into Goebels. I quickly became addicted to it and began to sell off my hummels to feed my new habit. Today, I have what is believed to be the largest Goebel collection in the country, numbering over 4,500 items. There have been two books published about Goebels, "Goebel Salt and Peppers" by Hubert McHugh and "Goebels" by Wolfgang Schwatlo, the European equivalent of Robert Miller. Both books were printed in very limited quantities and are virtually impossible to find today. Since the average collector cannot easily find information on Goebels. I'll be happy to help you as much as I can. I cannot and will not give estimates of values, not because I want to keep this to myself, but because there is no established market for the 40,000 Goebel items and therefore no market values. There are a few exceptions such as the Friar Tucks, but generally, you need to find a buyer and he is the one who will determine how much a piece is worth to him. Speaking of buyers, you found one of the biggest buyers of Goebels in the country right here. I am more than willing to pay what I consider retail for any Goebel piece I do not have. I'm sorry, but I have no interest in buying Hummels.





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