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Hummel Dolls - Frequently Asked Questions

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Check to see if your doll is for sale as that would be a good indication of what the market is paying.

I have recently inherited 4 M.J. Hummel Goebel Dolls.  Each one measures approximately 15 inches tall.  They are each listed as:
Birthday  Serenade Girl, Lost Sheep Boy, Birthday Serenade Boy, On Holiday Girl. All four porcelain dolls are marked on the back of their necks and each has attached a Goebel Gold disc that says Goebel on one side and AUS DEMHAUSE GOEBEL on the other side along with a four sided card telling about each doll. The dolls are all in their original clothes complete with all attachments.I have spent a good deal of time trying to find out any information on these dolls as to their orgin and value.  Any help that you could send my way would be greatly appreciated.

The dolls were issued between the years 1983 and 1989 for $175.00 each. They were sculpted by Helmut Fisher in 1982. They currently have a secondary market value of $200-$300 - There is presently one for sale on eBay for $250 but it a later version 1996-1999 and is called School Girl and is 13.5 inches tall. The value of your dolls would be slightly higher. (around $50 higher)


My mother is inquiring into the value/worth of some of her recently purchased dolls: One is called "On Holiday". The tag states M.I. Hummel...doll completely handmade and authentic M.I. Hummel product adapted from original work by Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel. As with every MI Hummel product the artistic design of this doll approved by the convent ISESSEN Guardian of the late Sister's Art. Number on the tag is D-8633 ROEDENTAL, WEST GERMANY. The other one is called "Miss Gretel" Artist/Designer is Christine Mesner - the official number # 00461.

M. I. Hummel Dolls

The first Hummel dolls were made in 1950. At that time they were made outside the Goebel factory through arrangements with another company. The first dolls had rubber heads and soft stuffed bodies, stood 16 1/2 inches high and were delivered to the Goebel factory to be dressed in hand-made clothing. Very shortly thereafter the composition of the body was changed (1951) to rubber also. Only six dolls were produced at first. In 1952 Goebel brought the entire production in house and added a smaller 10" size.

Over the years it became apparent that the rubber used in the dolls became unstable and the compound would sometimes break down. By 1963 the company changed the composition to rubber and vinyl. The bodies are now all made of a soft durable material that is a type of PVC.

There were about 12 different dolls of this type produced in a 10 inch size until 1983: Bertl, Gretl, Hansel, Felix, Radi-Bub, Mariandl, Liesl, Max, Seppl, Rosl, Peterle and Seppl.

Over the years the company has called the dolls by different names and has also made an 8 inch version of some.

Current production dolls: In 1983 the Goebel company announced a completely new line of M. I. Hummel dolls. The heads, hands and feet of the new dolls are made of the same or similar ceramic type material as the figurines. The bodies are still a soft, stuffed material. The new dolls are readily identifiable from the material of the heads, hands and feet but there are additional unmistakable identifying characteristics. They are 15 inches tall, each having the M. I. Hummel signature and the date of production year. The bodies will also carry a label containing the production date along with identifying remarks. The first four to be released were: Postman, On Holiday, Boy from Birthday Serenade and Girl from Birthday Serenade. There were released at a suggested retail price of $175 each and production was limited to the year 1984.

The dolls limited in production to the year 1985 were: Lost Sheep, Easter Greetings, Signs of Spring and Carnival.

(I recently saw these dolls with a secondary market price of $300 each.)

New dolls were released in 1996 and 1997. Little Scholar, 14" tall, was released in 1996 and School Girl in 1997. Each comes with a wooden stand. They were released at about $200.

Danbury Mint introduced a doll series in 1988 with the Umbrella Girl. The doll's heads, arms and legs were cast and hand-painted in traditional manner by the artisans of Goebel. They bear the signature and the Goebel trademarks on the back of the neck. The dolls were released at $250. The dolls in the series: Umbrella Girl, Little Fiddler, Friend or Foe?, Unknown, Merry Wanderer, Goose Girl, Umbrella Boy, Ride Into Christmas.

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