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Kaiser Porcelain: For over 125 years, Kaiser has for four generations produced the world’s finest quality porcelain. Nestled in the charming village of Staffelstein, Germany, Kaiser has dedicated itself to the art of defining elegance, beauty, and fine craftsmanship. Indeed, collectors, statesmen, and art lovers seek its highly valued porcelain works. Kaiser sculptures have been prized by presidents, prime ministers, and a host of dignitaries the world over.

Kaiser Porcelain Collectibles

And to what does Kaiser owe its world class reputation? For one, its commitment to the highest standards of quality, achieved by creating the best porcelain from the finest materials. Second, Kaiser still relies primarily on the personal touch of experienced, skilled craftsmen to create the world’s most exquisite porcelain pieces. Indeed, Kaiser is world renown for its hand-painted artists’ editions. Finally, in both preparation and production, Kaiser pays attention to the very smallest of details, insuring that every square inch of its fine work has been perfected. Kaiser Porcelain Official Web Site

Subject: Kaiser Porcelain Whales

I have a set of Kaiser Porcelain whales, one is a single Killer Whale, # 320 of 4000, the other a pair # 173 of 2000.  The pair has Wolfgang  Gawantka on the bottom and the title Killer Whale.  They are the black and white version, not plain white.  Can you tell me about them and what they might be worth?

It would have helped had you given me the length of the piece. I could only find one Kaiser Killer Whale, and it is currently selling for $465.00. It was the white bisque version and the figurines with color are usually $100 - $200 more. But size is really the important factor here. The figurine I found measured 7 inches High x 13 inches Long x 5 inches wide.

Kaiser Collector Plate: The Frog King

I have a porcelain plate from Kaiser titled "The Frog King" from the classic fairy tales collection by Gerda Neubacher.....what can u tell me about it, if anything?

The Frog King Classic Fairy Tales by Canadian Artist Gerda Neubacker. Gerda has won many awards and her works are considered collectors items. The plate is 7 3/4 inches in diameter with a gold rim. Issued by the Bradford Exchange and had a small booklet enclosed telling about the plate.
The plate on auction goes for $9.99 to $21.99.

Subject: Kaiser Porcelain - Eagle

Are you familiar with collector figurines manufactured by Cappé, the artist being Signor Giuseppi Cappé from Italy. I have quite a few of his pieces acquired in the early 1970's and am curious as to their worth. I also have an Tay (Tagliariol) eagle piece and some white porcelain horse groupings that are Kaiser pieces by the artist Karl Tutter. If you are familiar with any of these pieces I can certainly get back to you with specifics.

I can find 5 Kaiser Eagel pieces by Tagliariol: Bald Eagle II 497, Color $1300, Bald Eagle VII 637, Color/Base edition of 200 pieces $20,800, Bald Eagle V 600, Color/Base issued in 1978 edition of 1500 pieces $3,900, Bald Eagle VIII 656 Color/Base issued in 1982 for $800 and has a current value of $900, Bald Eagle VIII 656 White/Base edition size 1000 issued in 1982 for $400 and has a current value of $925.

Kaiser currently does not list any of the pieces by Karl Tutter. - Source: Price Guide to Limited Edition Collectibles by Mary Sieber.

We do not have any information on figurines manufactured by Cappe'.

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