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Norman Rockwell Collectibles

Norman Rockwell painted his first commission of four Christmas cards before his sixteenth birthday. While still in his teens, he was hired as art director of Boys' Life, the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America, and began a successful freelance career illustrating a variety of young people's publications. In 1916, the 22-year-old Rockwell painted his first cover for The Saturday Evening Post, the magazine considered by Rockwell to be the "greatest show window in America." Over the next 47 years, another 321 Rockwell covers would appear on the cover of the Post.

A collectible, as we have come to know it, is something someone wants, and is willing to give something for it in exchange. Almost all areas of the market report a renewed interest in high quality reproductions that have not been over-produced. The Internet has begun to reflect the new interest in Rockwell collectibles worldwide. Ebay, the largest internet auction site has brought a reality to the collectible market. I personally, do not feel comfortable anymore with using collectible books or price guides to determine value. Just look on eBay and you will see prices that have a large range for the same item. A grandson that just inherited his grandmother's Norman Rockwell plates may find them to be of no value (to his self) and so will sell them on eBay for whatever he can get. It is hard to say that a Norman Rockwell Figurine is worth $75 when "grandson" will take $10 and run...

What is my Norman Rockwell worth?

Norman Rockwell Collector Plates

Collector Plates - Rockwell Rediscovered Women Collection  - mint condition, original boxes and certificates for each plate

Collector Plates -  Rockwell American Dream -  mint condition, original boxes and certificates for each plate

Collector Plates -  A mind of her Own Rockwell's Studies of Girlhood - mint condition, original boxes and certificates for each plate

Collector Plates - Check Up by Norman Rockwell

  • I have a limited edition Norman Rockwell plate named “Check-up”.  Numbered XXXX out of 15,000.  Made by Kaiser in Germany.  There is no year that the plate was produced.  What would the current appraised value be today?  Thank you.

Unfortunately collector plates have lost their secondary market value. The plate called Check Up is selling on eBay for $7.99

View Norman Rockwell Collectibles : Check Up Plates, Dolls and Prints


I have just come across a box with 5 Norman Rockwell plates in it.  They are "The Toy Maker" #6842D, Knowles, 1977, paperwork but no box;  "Building Our Future" #2268B, Knowles, (Mother's Day, 1991), 16th in an annual series, Bradex # 84-R70-2.16, no box or paperwork:  "A Family Tree", Gorham, American Heritage Plate, Saturday Evening Post, no date, paperwork or box:  "Scotty Gets His Tree",  R5802,  First limited edition, 1975, Ridgewood china, copyright 1974 by Charles Haynes Thompson (private collection), all paperwork and box: and "The Ship Builder" #1579AD. fourth in the Rockwell Heritage Collection, Knowles, 1980, Bradex #84-70-3.4, all paperwork and box.  All are in excellent condition.  I would like to know their value as we are donating them to a charity auction this coming weekend.

There is a wide monetary range of what people are selling these plates for so you should take a look at the links I have made for you and determine for yourself the average price. This would be a good guesstimate.


Norman Rockwell Figurines

First Day of School

Subject: Norman Rockwel Figurine

I have a Norman Rockwell figurine of what looks like two women (one is possibly a teacher) and a little boy. On the bottom it has NR-227 9/14/35 and the copy write symbol with 1984 C.P.C. I was wondering what this figurine would be worth and if it has a name.

I did find #NR-227 "First Day of School" issued for $35.00 in 1984 and has a secondary market quote of $35.00, although there is currently one First Day of School selling for $74.78 on eBay. It was listed under Dave Grossman Creations, Norman Rockwell Collection-Miniatures - Rockwell Inspired. I think this is the same figurine...

Subject: Collector Plates

I have two plates; 1 is plate number 9060b, Edwin m. Knowles, title is "Rockwell's rediscovered women", Rockwell society of America, Bradex number 84-r70-4.4 the second is: Norman Rockwell "Triple self portrait" Gorham. Both plates very fine, I am looking for an estimate of worth, I found these plates in an abandon house.

The Series, "Rockwell's Rediscovered Women" had a total of 13 plates. The first plate "Dreaming in the Attic, issued for $19.50 in 1981. The series was completed in 1984. The other 12 plates issued for $22.50. Unfortunately this series is not doing well on the secondary market. The current value is below retail.

"Triple Self Portrait Memorial" was issued in 1978 - single release for $37.50. It has a secondary market value of $75.00.

3-22-09 Update Triple Self Portrait Memorial Plate is selling on eBay $15 - $35

Subject: Norman Rockwell , 1955 Four Seasons Series "Spring-Sweet Song So Young" Plate

My mother-in-law found this plate and was wondering what the plate is worth. It has raised figures on the plate, and the serial number is 06253/10000. Could you possibly tell me the worth and a little bit about the plate. Thank you for your time.

None of the plate guides go back that far. I suggest that you contact The Norman Rockwell Museum, Rte. 183, Stockbridge, MA 01262 (413) 298-4100. There are none listed on eBay.

Subject: Rockwell Rediscovered Women

I have the complete set of these plates and am trying to find out the value on these. Have no interest in selling.

The complete collection is $267.00 - there are 13 plates in the series.

3-22-09 Please see above info as the market has drastically changed