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I am asked many questions regarding collectibles, limited edition art work, what is popular, should I buy and several other things in the collectible industry that truthfully I just cannot answer. Here are some of the questions......the questions are asked in blue, my opinion is in red (if I have one) and your opinions are in green. If your question cannot be answered...then we suggest you get a professional online appraisal.

Robert Franke Plates - Colonial Heritage

Disney Treasured Moments

Garfield Collector Plates

Goebel Plates

Gone With The Wind Collector Plates

Henri D’arceau Limoges Noel Vitrail plates

Hummel Anniversary Plate Spring Dance

Jewels of the flower Series

King of the Mountain Collector Plates

Le Marche Aux Fluers Et La Conciergerie

Living with Nature Ducks - Bart Jerner Collector Plates

Lord of the Rings Collector Plates

Norman Rockwell Collectibles

RHETT - Fourth issue in Gone with the Wind collection

Wedgewood River Series Plates


The Disney Treasured Moments Plate Collection:  Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Alice in Wonderland, Love's First Dance, and Sleeping Beauty, Love's Embrace, and The Circle of Life.  The 2 - 8 1/2" plates are Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Apprentice's Dream.

Oklahoma Series: plate1.)Oh What A Beautiful Morning '85 2.)The Surrey with the Fringe on Top '86 3.)"I Cant Say No" '86 4.)Oklahoma '86 The Sound of Music Series: 1.)The Sound of Music '86 2.)"Do-Re-Me" '86 3.)"My Favorite Things" '86 4.)Laendler '86 5.)Edelmeiss '87 6.)I Have Confidence '87 7.)Maria '87 8.)Climb Every Mountain '88 Gigi Series: 1.)Gigi '85 2.)The Night They Invented Champagne '85 3.)I Remember It Well '86 4.)Gigi's Lane '86 Annie Series: 1.)Annie & Sandy '83 2.)Daddy Warbucks '83 3.)Annie & Grace '83 4.)Annie & the Orphans '84 5.)Tomorrow '85 6.)Miss Hannigan '86 7.)Annie, Lily, & the Rooster '86 8.)Annie & Daddy Warbucks '86 If this is too many plates for you to give me values for, Im sorry, Just give me as many as you can/want to.

In the Oklahoma Series all plates issued for $19.50 : Plate 1 $5-$9; Plate 2 $10-$35; Plate 3 $15-$20; Plate 4 $11-$35. In The Sound of Music Series: Issue prices were between $19.50 to $24.50. The high quotes on these plates are between $40 and $50. The low quotes are between $8 to $20. In the Annie Series: Issue prices were between $19.50 to $24.00. High Quotes are between $10-$35 and low quotes $6-$17. The above three series were manufactured by Edward M. Knowles. I cannot locate the Gigi series under the Bradford Exchange, Edward M. Knowles or W. S. George but if you look on the back of the plate it will tell you. Just because you purchased the plate through the Bradford Exchange does mean that they were the manufacturer.

Oklahoma Series

The Sound of Music Series

Annie Series

Gigi Series

I have an Edwin M. Knowles plate from the Jeanne Down "Friends I Remember" series. Bradex No. 84-k41-7.4, plate # 4224A - 1985 - mint condition. What is it currently worth? Thanks for your help

There are eight plates in the series - we need to know the specific plate name as well as the series name, the plates are not listed by bradex number and the number of the plate (4224A in this case is not important) If the series or a plate goes up in value, it pertains to all plates by that name in the edition.
1983 - Fish Story
Issued $17.50
Quote $5 - $29
1984 - Office Hours
Issued $17.50
Quote $7 - $29
1985 - A Coat of Paint
Issued $17.50
Quote $5 - $29
1985 Here Comes The Bride
Issued $19.50
Quote $10 - $20
1985 - Fringe Benefits
Issued $19.50
Quote $7 - $20
1986 - High Society
Issued $19.50
Quote $10 - $29
1986 Flower Arrangement
Issued $21.50
Quote $7 - $29
1986 - Taste Test
Issued $21.50
Quote $7 - $29

Why the wide range in quote prices? Well the prices are usually determined by what at least three participating dealers have recently sold the plates for. Apparently a dealer sold them for a very low price.

I have recently acquired from a yard sale 14 plates signed and numbered by FR Ganeau -Henri d'Arceau Limoges plates which I believe are from a series called Ladies of the Century. Can you tell me the value and where I can sell them

Here is one of my favorite questions - this person would like me to look up 14 plates for them, however, they could not take the time to turn just one of the plates over to look at the name, dates etc...also they ask where they could sell them, We recommend the classifieds and also eBay...or you could have a garage sale.

Nevertheless, the plates are probably from the series "Les Femmes du Siecle" by Francois Ganeau but there are only 11 plates listed. This series is doing fairly well on the secondary market. All of the plates by D'Arceau Limoges France are currently at their retail or higher value on the secondary market. NR = Near Retail
1976 - Scarlet En Crinoline
Issued $14.80 Quote $40
1976 - Sarah En Tournure
Issued $19.87 Quote $30
1976 - Colette
Issued $19.87 Quote $30
1977 - Lea
Issued $19.87 Quote $30
1977 - Albertine
Issued $22.74 Quote NR
1977 - Daisy
Issued $22.74 Quote NR
1977 - Marlene
Issued $22.74 Quote NR
1978 - Helene
Issued $22.74 Quote NR
1978 - Sophie
Issued $22.74 Quote $50
1979 - Francoise
Issued $22.74 Quote $50
1979 - Brigitte
Issued $22.74 Quote $50

I'd like to know the current value of the following plates. I have the original boxes and certificates for each:

LaScala Grand Opera Collection, 1977, Madame Butterfly, Artist Gino Ruggeri, Studio Dante di Volteradici - could not find in any of the books

Knowles American Holidays, Valentines Day, 1981, Artist Don Spaulding - Issued $26 currently below retail at $13 - $26

Modern Masters, 1982, Babes in the Wood Collection, Newborn Fawn, by Sally Miller (premier issue, 9500 plates) - Issued $45 - currently trading near retail

Knowles Wizard of Oz Collection, Artist James Auckland

  • Over the Rainbow, 1977 - Issued $19 - Currently $40 - $45
  • If I Only Had a Heart, 1978 - Issued $19 - Currently $40
  • If I Only Had a Brain, 1977 - Issued $19 - Currently $37 - $40
  • If I Were King, 1978 - Issued $19 - Currently $40 - $45
  • The Wicked Witch of the West, 1979 - Issued $19 - Currently $45 - $55
  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road, 1979 - Issued $19 - Currently $40 - $64
  • Wonderful Wizard of Oz, 1979 - Issued $19 - Currently $40 - $53
  • The Grand Finale, 1979 - Issued $24 - Currently $40 - $61

Subject: Castari Grandparents

I have Csatari grandparents collection plates (total 8 : 1980-1987). All have Bradex No's and were produced by Edwin M. Knowles China Company. I could not locate the value of any of the plates under any name or Bradex numbers. I would appreciate your assistance.

Note: Spelling is Castari (not Csatari) Unfortunately the Grandparents plates are not doing too well on the secondary market.

1980 Bedtime Story
Issued $18 - Quote $5 - $10
Issued $20 - Quote $5 - $29
1984 The Skating Queen Issued $22 Quote $10 - $25
1985 - 1987 plates issued for $22 and have a secondary market quote of $12 to $22.
Source: Collectibles Market Guide and Price Index 17th edition.

Subject: Gone with the Winds series

I have the four plates that were issued in the Gone With The Wind series by Edwin M. Knowles China Company and issued by the Bradford Exchange in the 1980's. I would like to know the current prices. I also have the sculpture of "Scarlett's Pride".

I really need more information but...there was a series of 9 plates issued between 1978 and 1985 by R. Kursar for Knowles. They issued between $21.50 and $29.50 and currently are on the secondary market for $40 to $110 depending on the plate name. Also need to know more information on the figurine.

Subject: Hamilton Plates

Recently our family lost both my Mother and Grandmother. While going through my Grandmother's things we discovered a box with I believe to be 14 or so plates. The plates were wrapped and are in mint condition. The puzzling part is getting info on the plates. I know 12 of the plates are from the Japanese calendar collection. Could you give me any info as to where I can find out the value and history of these plates. Finding info on a Hamilton plate is hard. I called the Co. they gave me a # to call. Called the number left message no response. Been to the Library no help. Any info would be appreciated. ThankYou,

Re: Japanese Floral Calendar

The Hamilton Plates you inquired about were produced from 1981 through 1983. There were 12 plates in the series and they issued for $32.50 apiece. The series was limited to 10 production days per plate. There has been little, if any, activity on the secondary market and the current value is their original retail price.

I have two sets of 12 Chokin plates each, limited editions - Japanese Floral Calendar Collection and the Eternal Wishes of Good Fortune. Both are in mint condition, having never been taken out of the boxes and protective packaging. I'm wondering what they're worth today. Purchased them back in the early to mid '80s.

Same for the Eternal Wishes of Good Fortune - secondary market activity is near issued retail $34.95. Plates were produced in 1983 by Hamilton.

Subject: Hamilton Plates

I would like to know the secondary market value for the Small Wonders of the World Collection (8).

I do not see this series listed. There is a series called Small Wonders of the Wild. If that is what you are talking about, the value is its issue price. $29.50 per plate.

Subject: Great American Sporting Dogs DU - Golden Retriever

Recently a friend's son broke a Jim Killen plate called "Golden Retriever", Great American Sporting Dogs produced exclusively for Ducks Unlimited by CUI, Inc. It was limited to 45 firing days, and my plate number was: 3537. It had to be over 10 years old. Could you tell me the worth that this plate was...and also if there is any place where I may buy another one?

The plate was issued in 1993 for $40.00 and had a current market trend of $45.00 - you can check with the Bradford Exchange. Their web site is The Bradford Exchange.

Subject: The King and II have the complete collection of The King and I series. Can you please tell me the value of this 4 plate series?

The collection is not doing too well on the secondary market, the first three plates have a quote price of $7 to $16 and plate #4 "We Kiss In A Shadow" has a quote price of $8 to $40. The plates were issued in 1984 through 1985 at $19.50 per plate by the Edwin M. Knowles Co.

Subject: Hummel - 1971 annual plate Heavenly Angel

Do you know the value of the 1971 annual Hummel plate?

It issued for $25.00 and now has a value of $550 - $625. I have seen higher quotes, but unless you have a buyer the higher quotes do not mean much!

Subject: Hummel Plate - 1980

I have a Goebel M.J. Hummel plate (10th Edition - 1980, Hum 273), in mint condition (still in it's original box). It has rarely been out of its box. I have been wondering what its value is. Are there any web sites that provide current estimated prices for Hummel plates for this time period?

The plate is called "School Girl". It issued for $100.00 in 1980 and currently has a secondary market quote of $90.00.

In regards to web sites that provide current estimated prices...what about this one?

We recently moved and the movers broke an Anniversary Peanuts Plate produced by Schmid. It was the "Happy Anniversary Plate" 1950-1980, 30th Anniversary. At the back of the plate in gold lettering was the number 737. The plate was in excellent condition. I need to get a value amount for the claim to the movers. Can you help out in any way.

This particular plate is not listed in the book. There are quite a few other Peanuts plates and the average price is $30.00 - some of the Peanuts Christmas plates are higher. If the plate is "Peanuts 30th Birthday", it was issued in 1989 for $27.50 and has had no secondary market activity.

I have a 1977 Xmas Peanuts Plate by Schmid. Could you tell me it's value?

As above. If the plate is "Deck The Doghouse", it was issued for $13 and has a secondary market quote of $20.

Subject: Imperial Plates

I have a set of Imperial Plates--The 12 Days of Christmas--from the 70's and would like to find out what they are worth. We are still looking for the original boxes.

Apparently these plates were issued in either crystal or carnival glass. They started in 1971 at $12 for the carnival glass and $15 for the crystal and ended in 1981 at $28 and $34. Some of the plates have had no secondary market activity and remain near the issue price. The Partridge, Turtledoves, Hens, Colly Birds, Golden Rings, Geese and Drummers are trading between $20 and $35 per plate. An estimate of the value for the set $250.

I am looking for information on a collection of 4 Gnome plates done by Fairmont China Company in the late 1970s.

All of the Gnome plates that I could find are selling near their original retail price. The series "Gnome Four Seasons" 12 plates issued between 1980 and 1982 sold for $29.95. The two Gnome Holiday plates issued in 1980 and 1981. The first at $24.50 and the second at $29.95.

I recently acquired two plates at a yard sale and am curious as to their value. They are the 'ANNIE & SANDY'' plate number V13565-1st issue plate bradex#84-K41-51 and a ltd edition 2nd issue 'DADDY WARBUCKS'' #H8412 bradex#84-K41-5-2. Both are in excellent condition. Can anyone relay their value?

1983 - Annie & Sandy - Edwin Knowles Issued for $19 quote $40.00. 1983 Daddy Warbucks Edwin Knowles Issued for $19 quote $50.00

At the same yard sale I also acquired 12 (twelve) porcelane HENRI D'ARCEAU-LIMOGES plates They appear to be part or all of a series entitled "FAIT A LA MAIN''. THE premiere edition...also in excellent condition and numbered...can anyone help me with their value as well? Thank you in advance.

D'Arceau-Limoges has plates listed in the book, but they are by artist name and name of the plate.

Subject: Precious Moments Plates

Does anyone know of a place I can find the value of the Precious Moments plate collections from Hamilton? I'm looking for information on both the "7 Day" series, as well as the "Biblical Series". Thanks in advance.

The Precious Moments Bible Story Series by Sam Butcher for Hamilton are valued at $30 per plate. There are seven plates in the series. I cannot locate information on a "7 Day" series. Is this the correct name? (I guess this could be the place...)

I have a plate from the Edwin M. Knowles "Jewels of the Flowers" Collection. It is a numbered plate as follows: 11804A, 1991 by Tan Chun Chiu, entitled "Sapphire Wings", Bradex Number 84-K41-109.1 Please tell me if this plate has any value at all.

Sapphire Wings, the first plate in the collection has a current quote of $22 - $30. See Music Box by Tan Chun Chiu

Flower Fairy Collection of Plates - I have a set of limited edition plate series inspired by the paintings and poems of Cicely Mary Barker. The Heinrich Porcelain facility of Villerory & Boch crafted and fired each of the 6 plates. I cannot find any info about these plates. I would like to know the approximate value of these plates complete with original boxes and certificates of authenticity.

The Flower Fairy Collection consist of 1979 - The Lavender Fairy - quote $50.00, The others The Sweet Pea Fairy, The Candy Tuft Fairy, The Heliotrope Fairy, The Blackthorn Fairy and The Apple Blossom Fairy are near their retail price of $35.00 - Near Retail means that the plate trades up or down within $5.00 of its issue price. Visit Our Flower Fairy Store

I have 1971 Schmidt plates with three different backstamps. It had something to do with the lawsuit between Goebel and Schmidt. Are they of any more value because of these different backstamps?

I am assuming the three plates are the same. There is no mention of different backstamps in the guide so I do not think that the value of the plates are different. If you are speaking of the 1971 Hummel annual plate, "Heavenly Angel", the secondary market quote is $488 - $1000. It issued for $25.00.

Regarding the lawsuit between Goebel and Schmid, that was a more current event like 1996 and would have nothing to do with backstamps in 1971 unless there was a lawsuit also in 1971 that I do not know about....

Update: Jan ....Thanks for your answer. I have both plates (Schmid and Goebel) The Schmid plate sold for $15 and is a silk screen process. The Goebel sold for $25 and is a bas relief plate. There was a lawsuit over the 1971 Heavenly Angel Plates. They both have the Heavenly Angel motif. Some of the Schmid plates were supposed to be destroyed because they had "Original" on the back stamp. The Goebel is the one that is worth the money. I just returned from the Chicago Collector's Convention. Lots of people and lots to look at. I will let you know if I want to sell my plates. I have several of the Goebel 72 to 79 plates and only one of the 1971. Thanks again for your answer. Decatur, IL

I am seeking information on Hummel plates from the Danbury Mint. I currently have 9 plates from a series called "little companions". They all have the number MK1443 written in gold on the back. Could you tell me the total number of plates in the collection, and their approx. value, if any??..

There are 12 plates in this series. Secondary Market trend $51.00 per plate.

I recently came across 3 sets of plates made by Gorham. They are the Norman Rockwell 4 Seasons 10 1\2" plates-years 1971,1972 and 1973. Each set has all four plates and are in mint condition. If you could assist me in the value of each set I would greatly appreciate it.

1971 Four Seasons that I found are called "Boy and His Dog Four Seasons Plates" issued for $50 per plate. Plate 1 called "Adventurers between Adventures" is $125; "Boy Meets His Dog" $145; "Mysterious Malady" and Pride of Parenthood $125 each. I did not find any Four Seasons Plates for 1972 - The Four Seasons Plates for 1973 are called "Young Love Four Seasons Plates" issued for $60.00 each. The only plate with a secondary market price is "Downhill Daring $155.

Subject: Collector Plates

I have two plates; 1 is plate number 9060b, Edwin m. Knowles, title is "Rockwell's rediscovered women", Rockwell society of America, Bradex number 84-r70-4.4 the second is: Norman Rockwell "Triple self portrait" Gorham. Both plates very fine, I am looking for an estimate of worth, I found these plates in an abandon house.

The Series, "Rockwell's Rediscovered Women" had a total of 12 plates. The first plate "Dreaming in the Attic, issued for $19.50 in 1981. The series was completed in 1984. The other plates issued for $23.00.

"Triple Self Portrait Memorial" was issued in 1978 - single release for $37.50. It has a secondary market value of $75.00.

Subject: Rockwell Rediscovered Women

I have the complete set of these plates and am trying to find out the value on these. Have no interest in selling.

The complete collection is $267.00 - there are 12 plates in the series.

I have three Bradford Exchange Norman Rockwell collector plates, still in original boxes with all peperwork, all from 1983. They are named "Waiting at the Dance", "Add Two Cups and a Measure of Love" and Pondering on the Porch". I am unable to determine the worth of these plates. Can you help me?

Update: 1-19-2005

All plates in the Rockwell's Rediscovered Women Series have a current market value of $35.00 each. The entire collection is $267.00

Add Two Cups and Love - it is from Mother's Day collection 1983. Issued for $26.00 and has a current market trend of $35.00

Subject: Norman Rockwell , 1955 Four Seasons Series "Spring-Sweet Song So Young" Plate

My mother-in-law found this plate and was wondering what the plate is worth. It has raised figures on the plate, and the serial number is 06253/10000. Could you possibly tell me the worth and a little bit about the plate. Thank you for your time.

None of the plate guides go back that far. I suggest that you contact The Norman Rockwell Museum, Rte. 183, Stockbridge, MA 01262 (413) 298-4100.



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