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The Goeble Factory in Germany produced thousands of different figurines and there was never a book or itemized list of all the figurines. It would be impossible to be able to detemine secondary market activity on general Goebel Figurines. For example look at this question:

I have recently had an accident with a goebel horse , looks like its running with mane flying, cost me 14 years ago about £80 -£100 at Harrods London. I need to know the estimated value for the insurance company , or where I could purchase another of the same . The number on the bottom is 32-308-19     1977.

Unfotunately I cannot answer this type of question and can only direct to you to eBay where you may be able to research the current prices of an item. Sorry

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Subject: Goebel

I am trying to find some information on Some Goebel pieces that my aunt has. She bought the pieces in Germany between 1968-1970 they contain the Goebel mark on the bottom. My aunt believes they are called the Friars or the Monks the pieces include 4 mugs, 1 cookie jar, salt/pepper shakers, toothpick holder, creamer and sugar bowl on a tray and a wine and vinegar decanter. We have looked all around for some information and cannot find them anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

The Friar Tuck Pieces (Brown Monk) - The cookie jar with the full bee has a current market price of $360, A Mug with the number T74/0 full bee has a market value of $35, Shakers with full bee $35.00 pair and Shakers with Bible $80.00 per pair. Oil and vinegar cruets, 3 line mark are $250 per pair. I do not know about the other pieces. The book lists a Condiment Set at $110.00.

The Cardinal Tuck Pieces (Red Monk) - Shakers P153 stylized bee, 2 inches at $125.00, 4 inch Sugar bowl and 4 inch Pitcher with stylized bee at $135.00 each.

More About Goebel Monks

Current Goebel Friar Tuck Items

Subject: Goebel

I acquired what appear to be two Hummels. One is a beautiful parrot approximately 8 inches long. It has a hole in the back to hang on a wall and a pocket to hold flowers.  The markings on the back are V.P. 113 with an incised Hummel crown and WG. Also, the letters Dep. incised.

The other is a duck planter with double crowns, one incised and the other stamped. The number is KZ940. It also has the letters incised of Dep. Do you have any idea if these are really Hummels or not and of what current value. I have spent many hours doing research but can't find anything.

They are definitely NOT Hummels.  They may be one of thousands of figurines that Goebel produced, but for sure not Hummels.

Subject: Goebel

I have a goebel figurine with a crownmark & FR624A.It is a colonial man. I was told it is George Washington & it was made in 1923. M . Perkins

Subject: Goebel Charlot Byj

I recently purchased at a garage sale for 2.00 a figurine. It is a blonde headed boy kneeling and praying he has on pajamas and the flap in back is down, the markings on the bottom are w. goebel, w, germany stamped into the bottom are the letters byj 16. I am curious as to its value. It has no chips although it is a bit dusty any ideas how to safely clean it?

There are 16 blondes in the Charlot Byj collection of Goebel Fiigurines. There are no pictures in the book, just the names so it is not possible to say exactly which one you have, but if the 16th one listed called, "The Way To Pray", is also your number 16 then the secondary market value is $75 - $90. The lowest price listed for the figurines is $60 and the highest price is $500. The highest price is for the figurine called "Tender Shepherd".

Charlot Byj Merchandise and Prices

Do you have any info on or know where to purchase a series of figurines by Goebel called "BERDZ" They are described on their pamphlet as "exotic and amusing feathered creatures. They mirror images of our own human foibles and personalities." The name and address of the maker and artist is W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik, Rodental, Bavaria, West Germany. artist: Gunter Scherrer Dated 1982 I would appreciate and help you can offer. I did write to Goebel in Germany but did not get a reply.

I do not have any information of this series of figurines. Perhaps you could write to Goebel of North America, Goebel Plaza, Rte. 31 North, Pennington, NJ 08534-0010. Please let us know if you find out anything more.

BERDZ Goebel Prices

Subject: Goebel - Redheads

I have recently inherited Goebel figurines from my aunt. She often referred to these figurines as "Redheads" and I can't find any information on them. One is approximately 4 1/2 " high. It's a little girl with red hair wearing a green and white checkered dress with two dogs following behind. Inscribed on the bottom is the big V with the bee W. Goebel, W. Germany. Also the Number Byj 25 with the year 1958. Can you give me any information on this?

Well, I can tell you that the Goebel Redheads by Charlot Byj are listed in the book. There are approximately 75 of them. The problem is that they are listed by name with no numbers given. 1968 seems to be the first year the figurines were issued. I see none that go back to 1958. There is a figurine dated 1968 called "Putting on the Dog" It issued for $9.00 and has a current market value of $125.00. The edition for that figurine was closed in 1986. The figurine list is not descriptive so I do not know how to go about finding the name for yours. The secondary market prices range from $85 - $150 for the majority of the figurines listed.

Subject: Goebel Figurines

It is great that you have a site where I can ask a few questions on Goebel figurines! I have a small collection of figurines called Today's Children (1 girl and 6 boys) the figurines all all stamped with the circle around the C Goebel WGermany. They also have the name Kiobek enscribed on the base of each figurine. They are numbered and dated as follows: girl with headphones - 10712?4 date 1978 - boy with drill - 10 708 12 date 1976 - boy with computer- 10725 14 date 1983 - boy stirring pot - 10 709 16 date 1978 - boy with camera - 10706 17 date 1978 - boy with stamp collection -10704 18 date 1978 - boy with airplane - 10 716 17 date 1981 - boy on sled - 10721 10 date 1983. All of the figurines are signed. Could you tell me anything about this series? How many are there in total (boys/girls)? Is there anywhere a person can purchase the figurines (I have purchased all of mine at estate auctions and antique stores). What is the value of the figurines?

Could these figurines be Co-Boy? Is it possible the signature is Skrobek instead of Kiobek? Goebel list nothing under Kiobek, but there are a lot of Co-Boy figurines listed under Skrobek. Problem is none of the numbers are listed, just their names and no pictures. For example: 1980 - Carl the Chef issued for $49.00 has secondary market value of $85-$90.

Bakertowne's Price Guide to Goebel's Co-Boy Gnomes (Paperback)

Subject: Goebel

My wife was given what looks like a Hummel. It is about 5 1/4" tall. The little boy is wearing a top hat,an orange scarf(or tie?)and dressed in all black. He's walking,carrying a ladder in his right hand slung behind his back. He is carrying something in his left hand which possibly could be a duster. He looks like a chimney sweep but doesn't match the one in the book.On the bottom the stamp is "Goebel w.Germany" and to the right is a scribble that could be the signature. It is stamped "KF40". Any idea what it is?

It could be a Co-Boy by G. Skrobek manufactured by Goebel in 1984. Try to get a magnifying glass to see if you can read the signature. I have never seen these figurines, but it sounds like "Chuck the Chimney Sweep". It issued in 1984 for $45.00 and has a secondary market price of $80 - $120.

Subject: Goebel

I recently inherited two pieces of "Goebel" and cannot find anything about them. I'm sure they are not very old as they have no bee mark. One is a figurine about 8" high of what may be a groom - marked: 16 288 Goebel W Germany Waiting for his love 1925 - The other is marked: Charlot 27 Byj 84 Goebel W Germany.

Any information as to what they are and possible value would be most appreciated.

The bee mark references older Hummel figurines. These are not Hummels. I do not see them listed in the book. Do you know if they were purchased in the USA or Germany? Goebel manufactures several different figurines, not just Hummels.

Update: Waiting for his Love by G. Bochmann artist for Goebel Series: Fashions On Parade Issued for $33.00 in 1983 now has secondary market quote of $50.

Subject: Goebel

I have a Goebel/Hallmark "Betsey Clark" figurine from the 1970's - can you tell me where I can find information on this. Thanks

There were four Betsey Clark Figurines by G. Bochmann produced in 1972. They are "Bless You" - issued for $18.00 and has a secondary market price of $275.00 - "Friends" issued $21.00 secondary market price $400.00, "Little Miracle" issued $25.00 secondary market price $350.00 and "So Much Beauty issued $25.00 and the secondary market price is $350.00


Subject: 1980 Goebel Plate

I need all the help I can get. I have a 1980 Goebel plate, Third edition, "TRADITIONS" by Laszlo Ispanky #742 of 10,000. The # at the bottom says 52-727-03-9. Could you please advise me of it's value.

The only plate that I see that could be the plate you are referring to is: Old Testament Series, "Tradition" Limited Edition of 10,000 - issued in 1980 by Goebel. The current quote is $225.00. The first plate in the series is "Twelve Tribes of Israel" and the second is "Ten Commandments.

3-22-09 Update - There are three "Traditions" selling on eBay with a price range of $125 - $325


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