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Hamilton Collection collectible figurines and diecasts vehicles - from mythic fantasy dragon figurines to way-cool motorcycle figurines, these unusual collectibles are inspired by your favorite hobbies, professions, TV programs, films, sports, artists and so much more! Whether you're looking for just the perfect Thomas Kinkade Christmas wreath or find yourself inspired by our United States Marine Corps table lamp, every visit to the Hamilton Collection Shop is sure to be rewarding. Be sure to visit Nascar collectibles featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr. die-casts, and Dale Earnhardt collectibles.

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Accessories (1)
Amusement Parks (1)
Angels (24)
Ballerinas (1)
Carousels (9)
Christmas (33)
Coca Cola (18)
Dale Earnhardt (47)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. (20)
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Mothers (1)
Motorcycles (31)
Muppets (6)
Native American Style (13)
Nature & Wildlife (20)
Nostalgia (7)
Nurses (21)
Patriotic (9)
Porcelain (14)
Precious Moments (16)
Red Hats (3)
Religious (7)
Rudolph (1)
Santa Claus (9)
Simpsons (22)
Sports (5)
Teddy Bears (48)
Thomas Kinkade (26)
Trains (3)
Tweety & Warner Bros (5)
Unicorns (28)
Wizard of Oz (3)

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History of The Hamilton Collection

The Hamilton Collection is a direct response marketer of fine-quality, limited-edition collectibles from around the world. The Hamilton Collection enjoys a strong reputation for its exclusive collectible products, developed in cooperation with celebrated gallery artists such as John Seerey-Lester, Ron Parker, Raymond Massey and Gregory Perillo.

Hamilton's collectibles range from limited-edition plates, to hand-painted porcelain sculptures and dolls, mugs, jewelry and display items. Hamilton develops and sources carefully produced works from Great Britain, Germany, Italy and the Orient, as well as the United States. Hamilton has produced exclusive collections in conjunction with famed European companies such as Josiah Wedgwood & Sons, Royal Worcester, Spode, Kaiser and in the Orient, Maruri Studios.

In the United States, Hamilton markets a wide range of popular plates and dolls under exclusive license from renowned firms including Turner Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Viacom and Lucasfilm. The products include the popular Star Trek plate and doll collections, as well as plate series inspired by The Honeymooners, Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz.

Each year new products are introduced to the public. An exciting array of limited edition collectibles is featured in a brochure to acquaint clients with the quality and workmanship of The Hamilton Collection's varied product offerings.

Intricately Detailed Sculptures

The Hamilton Collection is known for its fine sculptures created with special attention to authenticity and minute detail. Careful research and observation on the part of the artist allows each three-dimensional artwork to maintain the intricate detail and coloration of the original in reproduction. Floral subjects, birds, figurines and a variety of wildlife sculptures have proven to be popular among Hamilton collectors.

Created in porcelain, bone china, crystal, bronze and cold cast porcelain, most sculptures are presented in a limited-edition of eight firing weeks.

Exquisite Dolls from The Hamilton Collection

Underlying each doll presentation is a theme carefully chosen to capture the interest of our collectors. For some of Hamilton's child-subject dolls, nostalgic or turn-of-the-century art brings an elegant flavor and an antique look which is desirable among doll collectors. Maud Humphrey Bogart and Bessie Pease Gutmann are among the list of celebrated artists whose works have inspired porcelain dolls.

Character dolls, popular to cinema buffs, must have incredibly sculpted likenesses and authentic costuming to meet the high standards of each film studio. Among the celebrities honored as porcelain dolls are Lucille Ball, Fred Astaire, William Shatner and Charlie Chaplin.

Realistic and Stunning Wildlife Plates

Over the years, some of the country's most respected wildlife art masters have had their limited edition prints and exclusively designed originals translated to porcelain plates by The Hamilton Collection.

Artists such as C. Ford Riley, Ron Parker, Doug Manning and Rod Lawrence have selected some of their finest works for presentation in the limited edition porcelain plate medium. In addition, these fine artists are typically wildlife enthusiasts, with a desire to recreate their love of nature on canvas. Therefore, the subtle details and nuances of color found in nature are captured to the utmost in their works.

Bird subject plates are a particular favorite among Hamilton collectors, who are known to favor songbirds, owls, birds of prey and hummingbirds. Other animal subjects are equally appealing. Of continual interest are tropical fish, cats, puppies, woodland animals, horses and baby animal subjects.

Popular Indian Subject Masterworks

With the introduction of artist Gregory Perillo's classic Indian children, Hamilton recognized a strong interest on the part of collectors in all areas of Indian life and lore.

Renowned artists Ray Swanson and Gregory Perillo each work closely with the Indian tribes that influence their award-winning paintings. The unique beauty, the life and the people on the Indian reservations are a constant source of inspiration to these artists who have filled their canvases for years with Indian portraits.

Entertainment Theme Collector Plates

A growing area for Hamilton lies in the entertainment-theme product. Beginning with an overwhelming response to the Star Trek plate collection, Hamilton has quickly moved to bring the best of films and television to their movie memorabilia audience.

The Official Honeymooners plate collection delighted long-time fans of Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton. As the 50th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz rolled around, Hamilton was ready with a group of Oz product offerings to delight young and old alike.

Artists are selected for the demanding and critical task of capturing to perfection not only the celebrity features but also the ultimate essence of the characters they portray.

Heartwarming Child-Subject Masterworks

Undoubtedly, the heartwarming subject of children has consistently been the favorite theme among Hamilton collectors.

Starting with the impressionist style of artist Thornton Utz in his portraits of children at play, and then moving to the classic style of the old masters found in award-winning artist Sandra Kuck's Victoriana mothers and children, it is a source of great pride that Hamilton continues to promote the best of the child-subject artists.

A variety of styles has been presented over the years, each earning its own measure of success, but all containing the same elements: the beauty and innocence of children.

Posted: 03-14-2006 Collectibles Today